Proprietary MCA PPM Triazine HF Fire Retardant

History & Background

Concerns are being raised about extensively used brominated flame retardants (BFRs) because of the persistence, bioaccumulation, and potential for toxicity, both in animals and in humans. Of particular concern is the formation of toxic gases containing dioxins and halogenated diphenyls in case of a fire accident, and their ultimate disposal by incineration.

Due to this regulatory and environmental pressure, a number of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have developed phase out plans for BFRs, some (Apple, Sony Ericsson, Dell, Nokia etc.) have even made strong commitments with deadlines.

Combination of the proprietary MCA® PPM Triazine HF with ammonium polyphosphate (APP) is particularly intended to be a high-efficacy halogen-free alternative to the BFRs, offering even other advantages (less smoke density, better stability of the polymer itself, no potential of the formation of halogenated dioxins and di-/bi-phenyls, etc.). Against inorganic flame retardants, also used extensively in the industry, much less loadings are required to enable the production of light-weight materials for the sake of energy saving, particularly in the transportation industry, and the ease of processing.
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Key Features

Instant fire retardation by intumescence
Low smoke density and less toxic gases
Lighter weight materials to save energy costs
Ease and economy of processing
Chemically inert and environmentally friendly
Enable high processing temperatures
Absolutely water insoluble

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