Proprietary MCA DPP Pigments Technology

Lower variable costs

Less energy demand
Less chemicals demand

Lower invested capital requirement

Less equipment requirement and with higher productivity
Less storage and simpler recycling of solvents (no fractionation)
Less waste (based on solvent losses alone)

Less safety risk

Less storage and handling of highly inflammable solvents

Superior end-product quality

Nano-particles formed thanks to the absence of solvent in the synthesis

  State-of-the-Art Technology MCA® DPP Pigments Technology
Synthesis 3 Reactants + 5 Solvent = 8 units 3 Reactants + 0 Solvent = 3 units
Solvent recycling 5 Solvent x 1.5 (fractionation) = 7.5 units 0 Solvent = 0 units

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