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About Us

MCA Technologies GmbH was incorporated in 2003 in Switzerland as extension of Medchemadvice, founded in 1989. It is a globally operating company, supporting R&D and business development in the speciality chemicals and life sciences industries. MCA Technologies GmbH is particularly dedicated to strategic source and market development and the development and tailoring of novel and advanced technologies and processes in co-operation with clients, consultants, research institutes and universities worldwide. It offers globally a whole range of products (pigments, colorants, additives, APIs and many speciality chemicals) thus developed, including products from its joint venture companies for the production of its proprietary polytrizinyl flame retardants (PPM Triazine), light stabilizers, DPP (Diketo-pyrolo-pyrrole) pigments and azo-condensation pigments.


+ Dr. chem. B. L. Kaul: Former Global Head PTR, Clariant; Over 60 US patents & 30+ years of experience directing, from conception over scale-up to full-scale production and worldwide registration & co-marketing of over 20 Chemically New Molecular Entities (CNMEs)
+ Dr. med. S. Kaul: 20+ years of experience as a an independent consultant for the advancement of knowledge related to health sciences and medicine, and prior to that as a medical practitioner

Based in the Center of Europe View from the top of Rinderhorn (Wallis, Switzerland)

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